New Versions!
Nov 16, 2013:

PTraffic Pro 1.1

Nov 16, 2013:
PTraffic Std 1.1

Nov 16, 2013:
PTraffic Show 1.1


Mar 08, 2013:
PTraffic Show 1.0.2

Mar 08, 2013:
PTraffic Std 1.0.4

Feb 22, 2012:
PTraffic Pro 1.0.3

Dec 12, 2012:
PTraffic Pro 1.0.2

Oct 22, 2012:
PTraffic Pro 1.0.1
German Version!

Oct 22, 2012:
PTraffic Std 1.0.3

Jul 10, 2012:
PTraffic Pro 0.9.15
German Version!

Apr 06, 2012:
PTraffic Show 1.0.1

Apr 06, 2012:
PTraffic Std 1.0.2

Mar 12, 2012:
PTraffic Show 1.0

Jun 06, 2011:
PTraffic Std 1.0.1

Aug 12, 2011:
PTraffic Show 0.9.11

Jun 06, 2011:
PTraffic Std 1.0


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PublicSQL programs are executable without server extensions - the time-consuming database connection is not applicable. Also the access to remote tables is possible. And the best: PublicSQL is Open-Source-Software for free use.

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PTraffic Schedule-Software

PTraffic is an easy to use schedule table editor. Maintain your complete network schedules, time tables, station tables, network graphs and use queries for journey planning. Version 1.1 has improved functions and a new feature to create individual graphic schedules.

PTraffic Standard includes the table editor as well as browser applications to show different views of the schedule tables, like a table for a specific time interval, a departure table, a passenger information table and a graphic schedule (new feature).

PTraffic Pro includes all functions of the standard version plus a line map editor, a traffic simulation and enhanced query functions.


PTraffic can be ordered in our shop, by ShareIt or paid directly using PayPal. Shareit offers additional payment options:

Product Shop Paypal ShareIt
PTraffic Std. 1.1,
for 29 Euro
Link to the shop
Link to ShareIt
PTraffic Pro 1.1,
for 99 Euro
Link to the shop
Link to ShareIt

PTraffic Pro 1.1,
Upgrade from standard version for 70 Euro

Link to the shop

All prices are final but not showing VAT in accordance to § 19 Abs. 1 of German sales tax law.


The free of charge demo version may be used to test PTraffic for 30 days. Download: PTraffic_1_1_Std_Demo.exe

In addition to PTraffic standard a professional version is available. PTraffic Pro adds a line map editor and a traffic simulation to the standard-Version.
The demo version of PTraffic Pro can be used for 30 days.
The demo version adds a watermark to line maps which is not shown in the full version.
Download: PTraffic_Pro_1_1_Demo.exe

For projects created using PTraffic a player PTraffic Show is available at no additional cost. PTraffic Show contains the same browser applications as PTraffic.
Download: PTraffic_Show_1_1.exe